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I have had a whole life for years paying almost 276.00. I am almost 80. The insurance ends at 80. The insurance is for 50, 000.

Should I cancel the insurance now..and..get a term insurance for 25, 000.?

J c

Are there age limits to purchase final expense insurance

Diane S.
9.95 seems really cheap but I don't understand how the units work. I'm on a budget so i need a burial policy to be affordable.
Eunice C
Every week I get these mailers offering a new state program to cover burial costs. Is this legitimate or a scam?
Sandra Sanderson
My mom is 86 and I need life insurance for her but it seems like the cutoff is 85 with every company I call. Are there any options or am I out of luck?
I have a lot of health issues and want to make sure my family doesn't have to pay for my funeral. I'm worried about being declined. Are there any companies that accept people in poor health?
Lisa Anderson
How can funerals cost more than some cars? It's absurd how much it costs to bury someone. 
Steven Dickerson
I want to get a policy on my mom but there are so many companies and its all confusing to me. Which company should I got with?
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